Monday, March 07, 2011

what now?

this is the second time u turn off our connection (1st time, skype n now facebook chat) while we re chatting just to show ur disappointment of me.
u know what? i m pretty much had it enough. dah penat.
yes, i did tell u if i could, i ll visit u in johor.
but my parents wont allow me. so, what do i ve to do now?
we have a hell lot of time. after SPM later. so what?
even if u marah or sedih, at least berbincang lah.
i m actually confused now. yeah, i still remember, u told me that u re sensitive and possessive but NO, that is NOT a reason to hurt me.
i have faith in u, i told u i wanna feel safe but now? not even a slightest bit candy. but yeah, i wish u happiness of what u did. ur hatred really came thru to me, so thanks okay?

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