Wednesday, March 16, 2011

LOL with them - part uno

since d first day of holidays, i d done nothing but hanging out with friends n families :P
last saturday (1st day), i went to Bukit Bintang, meeting Nazim Nasri aka Dato' Siti's clone~ *hey you, please dont ask me to go somewhere i dunno about T_T  might get lost..
owhh, and met Rahimi Saliman aka Pixie Ray for d first time *d very first time doesnt count since it was juz about, less than two minutes? haha u looked frightened tho atm
back to d topic, i arrived early they were late tho =,=
managed to buy shades and T's before they were even dekat with BB
so yeah, as Nazim got there, we sat down at a restaurant
n Ray arrived (finally), because before, we did plan on meeting but ERL train (one he took) was a no show =,=
first impression: shy babehh :P
.......... damn malas to type noww
so, imma serve d pictures taken chronologically okay? ;)

Pixie Ray, Clone, Xrumi :)

woohoo!! all d pins are DOWNN biatches!! XD

hoyyeahh, n that is that
off to home n daa~ tidoqqq :33

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