Monday, March 14, 2011

love games

remember? u were there for me when i was down, major down
n slowly, u owned my heart, my naive heart
u taught me lil things, big things, d momentous ones
n i cant thank you enough, but words r d only thing i could portrait
either a masterpiece or a doodle, still, they emerge from my heart
like i said, it would be a lie if i claim i dun love u anymore
but somehow, somewhere in the middle, whatever it is,
i know it s my fault, one of d things that i m good at actually, :'P
n no, when i told u i wanted to break, my tone wasnt sad at all,
it was not that i am "xde perasaan", what s d point of pouring all of my emotions when d main is, it is over? it wont plaster anything except for hardening us both
or maybe i am juz an ego bitch? or maybe both?
bottom line is, u told me to not show weaknesses
i have to be strong right? so, from now on, i ll try to b independent
i know u are mad at me now, but i dunno on scale of one to ten,
how much would u point at, n i know u have d right to be
it s ur choice, juz dat, im asking u to do these for me, (might b d last time though)
please; forgive me, dun stay mad at me, keep in touch
i dunno if these are too hard to do, like i mentioned juz now,
it s ur choice
so yeahh, i wish u happiness n success candy
whatever u do, wherever u are, take care okay?
until next time, bye n assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh wamaghfiratuh waridhwanuh :)

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