Wednesday, March 02, 2011

arts test

finally, finished my arts test XD
for theory, no comment~
for practical, choose one from 6 questions
i chose number one, had to draw two fishes in a small aquarium
at a close range, focusing on movement, surfacing and colour

this one is the draft, bad rytee? haha
nev mind thatt

hoyyeahh~ fish number one - practice

fish numba two - practice
ta semegah mana un XD

and thennn~ the real deal babehh~~ ;)))

okay i know it doesnt look that aweshum
but at least, please say cool :)))

different from the planning ayy? ahahh
BUT it took a hell lonngggg time to fnish it
started at the first bell n finished it at the second the last bell rang
n trust me, even that isnt enough, still got moreee to add on
owh god, how am i gonna fnish my work during SPM then
ho ho nev mindd, juz wanna smile now for this is THE FIRST TIME EVER i finished my painting in an exam XD
before this, never did manage to paint em all

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  1. i love it
    i love it
    i love it
    i love it
    love it
    love it