Thursday, March 03, 2011

dark narrative

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  He could not believe what he saw with his own bare eyes. Everything that was so called "forever and ever" had burnt with eternal jealousy of his own best friend. This is a story, or more of a lament of a man, named Christopher.

   Both of them started college together. Living in the same room was what bonded them as best friends. Even though they came from two different worlds, sharing and standing by were not a problem. At least, before Adam was blinded by the force of temptation to be the best, the only best.

   First case, isolation. At the very beginning, Christopher was brighter than Adam. In one class, Mr Glass - the toughest lecturer ever - praised Christopher for his creative and innovative idea. Thus, rumors spread around like wildfire even some were mixed with lies and hatred. It wasn't really a shock though, humans had always been such actors. But what was not usual - a best friend who back stabs. Lies after lies finally isolated Christopher from the surroundings. So, moving on to the next betrayal, which involved love.

   Love. The word could even define the whole universe. A man who declares his heart and praises the brightest star on the dim night sky. Yet, the star disappears and is nowhere to be found. This second chapter implies the cruel statement. Christopher's aficionado, Maria had a doubt. After hearing this and that from no one else but Adam himself, she fell into the trap. With a shattered heart, Christopher was outraged. This climax happened during one usual evening, except the lies had somehow found their aces and played the cards well. A big fight had triggered.

   "A big fight had triggered". The line itself symbolizes war. And in war, the winner stands tall and the loser has to fall. Adam was crowned the winner and as for Christopher, he got himself expelled from his dream to be a dreamed doctor since he was little. Even though everything had its tale-to-tell, it still shocked him. With his absent-minded smile, he went through his days before. Until one foul attack, all what was vowed to be was no more than mumbles and spits. Christopher was beaten.

   But losing was never been marked as "THE END". With his hard lessons, Christopher stood again. By holding nothing, he had to grasp on to any solid he encountered. So, he left with what was felt so sure about but what is the point of looking back? Nothing.

For a cup,
He vowed a promise,
For a day,
Promise is broken,
For his sake,
That is enough,
For a promise,
Meant to be broken.

   Scars and wounds may look ugly. Finger-crossed, with perseverance and dreams, Christopher chased another dream. But, lets keep it under the shadow. After all, we don't want the same game is played right?

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