Wednesday, March 16, 2011

LOL with them - part duo

second day, my cuzo, eisya khairi asked me to hang out along her friends, so i said "hell yeahh!!" :DD *location: One Utama
first activity, taught her d difference between GSC n TGV =,=
i dunno whether she understood or zero in d brain..
hoho nev mindd tho XD
at GSC, me n her guy friend, nik queued up while eisya n her chick friend wandered around, but it s alright, they bought a packet of Famous Amos <3 :DD thanks girls~
Beastly. the movie that we watched n it was awesomeee~~

even the starting was HOT hahaa
just when would i have d same smexay bod?
alahh kau, dok mengguling atas katil then tidur, bangun makan melalak tidur =,="

oyyeah, fall in love with mary kate olsen though
still think it would be more epic
if both olsen twins were in d movie
but yeahh, looking fierce and gorgy at d same time babe ;)

and as for vanessa, hohh~~
she s a blooming rose, thats for sure :))

the protagonist, alex pettyfer!! woohooo!!! love him, but not obsessed (yet) :PP 

grabbed our lunch after d movie at Burger King,
and then karaoke-ed~~~ :DDD i sang 3 songs
just the way you are, fighter and love the way you lie (chorus)
later on, my mum called, asking me n eisya to go meet em
time to go home and buhbye eisya's buddies~ thxs fo inviting me :D

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