Wednesday, May 25, 2011


juz had my visual arts exam today, starting with objective/theory first
gotta say, most of em was tembak-ed only =,="
sorryyyyyyyyy ceekkkgguuu XDDD

but yeah, actually my brain was freaking worried about the second paper, the practical one~
the question i chose was about fisherman, boats, birds, river's mouth, blablabla
and these are the horrible designs i did T__T

hell ugly ryte? ahhaaa
btw, i almost gave up on this question
but i guess sometimes in life, we would encounter hard times,
thinking that no solution could cure or change,
but yeah, i guess i still remember the vow i made to myself,
"no matter what happens, never give up on arts"
and the highlight was, i cried when i finished painting them.. HAHA =,= i knew i wasnt good/skilled enough to be the best of the best
feels kinda stupid though, crying over things like this
i dunno, whatever reason it was, it taught me to not give in

this is the one i did during the exam and me myself was shocked cuz based on my drafts or whatever u call em, they were disastrous T__T but please dun get me wrong, im not being snobbish or anything, depends on u to judge but yeah, my love is arts, so, peace out hotties~ ;)) pray for me to seize my dream as an artist one day~

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