Tuesday, May 17, 2011

could u see tears running down my face?

takrifkan cinta padaku lalu buktikannya,
namun jika rahsiamu itu tidak pasti,
perlahankan bicara perihal cinta,
kerana manakan hati sanggup berdarah,
selepas kepercayaan dipertaruh atas nama kasih dan mati..

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha =,="
what if someone new, someone u hardly know of, n also, that particular someone knows nothing of you except your face said the word "love" and expected u to be on the journey as well?
well, to me personally, i would rather have one friend than hundreds of lovers n it hurts by thaaaaaatt much knowing that lust is the only reason why i am chosen to b a friend, n thus being asked to be a sell out? haha this bitch here doesnt think so ;3
conclusion, i am used to being called the bad guy in every relationship i had, but i have my reasons n perspectives that i know, no stranger would ever nod at, except if u re a total weirdo like me, then i'd say u would XD

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