Monday, January 03, 2011

of school, SPM, brain and blood

new school = new to everything
SMK MENJALARA, my last highschool, wish me fo d best!
so yeah, now dat im back to malaysia, there s a hell lot to catch up

my first day~ awkward, self-conscious, confusing, BUZZZFUL, and TIREDDD
huwhuw got my textbooks, n had to walk home by 2.5 km, along wth em thickk books
but still, it s arryte tho~ quite an exercise~ i really need to put down some kg s tho :PP
heyheyy, lama ta pkay baju seperti itu~ putih hijau~~ ahah
thx god, i made some new buddies, izzati, rada, samuel, sabrina, n othas dat i ve no idea wot their names are, n some i ve forgotten already =,= hey brainee, get active!
hmm, so yeahh, wish me for d best okayy? my 2011, it starts off to be awkwardd tho
ahah but hell, who cares? i ll try to b d best of me, as a new student, as an SPM candy~

walking HOME~ see that? d pile of books behind me? yeahh, dat s d burden
n some, i put em into my bag, fuckin heavyyyy

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