Saturday, January 08, 2011


hating awkward moments =,="
especially as a newbie in town
plus, mummy said, it s gonna take at most 4 months for me to fit in
woddaafuuxxxkkk?? DDDDDD: double triple my heartbeats tho!
bcuz yeah, first, i tried d hardest to pull thru back in aussie
n i needed moreee than 4 months to make it
n juz when i was used to OZ's environment, i ve to go back to msia
stupid malaysia! :)) ahah bt yeahh, juz wish dat it wont be dat looongg
or else, im gonna swim back to OZ for sure, n then, have to repeat d procedures again =,="
DANGGGG mummymummy, can i juz stay at one place? PUHH-LEASEEE????

back in 9/99, Clydesdale Street <3
love this moment~ my 2nd outing tho~~

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