Friday, January 21, 2011

so far..

hell! im freaking tired now :OO
ahahh school, not much to comment on~
except on 19th of january, it was d first day i was absent due to asthma

my opah has a nebulizer
so yeahh, used hers

:)) before this, me n my newfound buddies went out to catch a movie
Paranormal Activity 2 *winkwink
fuckinggg scaaaarrrryyyyy!! dat was my first n last try of watching horror at cinema tho
LOL bt seriously, ta tenang tido bbrpa following nytes
imagining will i..... okay, change d freaking subject now =,="

with Radha :)) he s aweshumly cool!

BTW, still hating my shorted hair XD but i dunnoo
smetimes, kinda liking it tho :)) looks younger n else~

FYI, im one of those people whose face is always changing - different thru times XD

newsfeed~ since d last update~~ ;))))
  1. less awkward at school, getting talkative noww hahaa
  2. my grndmuma wanted to live in an OLD FOLK's houz, said it eases her to pray n stuffs
  3. muhh borndayyy~~ <33333 turned 17 on 20th of january
hehh me, parents, syasya n eisya went to secret recipe to clbrate it

kucing ini sanad pemalas, juz lie down alll dayy loonggg


ahhaaa before the meals were touched

woohoo! puassssss XDD

semenjak guna garnier light, muka makin putih >,<
in class, my classbuddies were all singing a happy birthday songg to meee
:'DDDDDD amat tersentuhhh~~ they all wrote wishes on a piece of paper :))
with a doggie drawn, imma name it parkour~ ahahhh
n a gift from izzati :))) thank youu so muchh gurllll!!
she s been extra freakingg helpful to me, still remember,
on d first day of school, she asked me, "u ny melayu k?"
n then she told me, i dun look like a malayboyyyy
dunno whether its a good thing or not thoo ahahhh

hadiah drpd izzati aisyah :))))))
thxssssss gurllll!!! adoree yaa

hadiah drpd fohmottt XD
thxs soo muxh babyboyyyy :DDDD

last note: my first malay essay scores 63% :DDDD teerraaaamaaattt banggaaaaa!!!!!!!!

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