Saturday, June 25, 2011


sometimes life gets me unguarded
like things from last year, even when i was living in a new world, sometimes it was near to impossible for me to swallow it all
"is this true? im in freaking aussie?!!", ahah, something like that~
everyday i thought to myself, yesterday was the day i waved goodbye to my friends n families, well, those were last year's
today, back to msia, still, every now and then, luck is questioned
as example, what is happening to my family now
to call it a broken home, not really, but how could they make such decision then? whatevee~ BUT still.. haha im juz a boy lord~
plus, stuffs at school are getting fuckin stupid, well, i am at the brink of emotional disturbance, lol, but yeahh, with assignments and homeworks, wish i had three wishes,n i would use my first wish to have thousands more wishes,, hoooll yeah, amen to that!
hmm, has it ever hit you guys? like, life gets harder as things are at its worst.. well, i know trouble lingers around every breathing spirit, n they may be others out there who are in much more pain, some that have never been imagined by the little of me..
okay, cool off noww~ dayyum, why do i always drift so far as i talk/type/write?

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