Tuesday, June 28, 2011

abang askar menukar tayar :P

i was taught by my daddy how to change tires today XD
u see that small hot bod over there? yeah, that's me~
okay, now, lets get to our session :D


ahah first of all, loosen up the to-be-changed-tire

next, use the "jack somethinggg" to lift ur car up until the tire isnt touching the ground :3

then take it off~ *that stupid tyre was damn heavy btw =,="

replace it with the spare tire, tighten the screws, remove that yellow thingy, n secure them screws~~ y know? so they wont fall off whilst driving :3 *i look freaking excited though in this pic :P
alright~ that is all i think :) ohh, n we went to a workshop to tampal the removed tire~ it is actually punctured by a stupid nail tho T__T
and replace the tampal-ed tire back~ spare tire stays being a spare part :33

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