Tuesday, November 30, 2010


d day has finally come :DD
my hair is getting stylized
at a salon haven, so called Bianco
my sys was there with me, cuz i needed her to do d talking
cuz i am pretty shy *blushingblushing

okay, without further ado, let s get to d talking
or in dis case, TYPINGG
actually, i was keen to meet a chinese beauty there
cuz b4 dis, i got my previous haircut there from her
<3 she s juz fun to talk with
n yeahh, did most of d talking
hehh but no luck buddy
all there were was two chinese handsomes
ahahhh well, they are okay
but painfully shy n lack of fashion terminology =,=
and get ready for some lectures from the aroomy *winkwink
i told dat one guy, whom did my hair,
i wanna "edgy", n he was like, "uhhh... *smileee uhhhh *walk awayy"
n more on, after seeing how lost he was,
i told him bout d hockey style, which d least i wanted, n again,
with his blurry-oh-no-i-have-no-idea-face, fetched a fashion mag,
n gave it to me~ whooo! found it!! ahahhh
n he was, oyyeahh~ hmm~ okayy~ =,=
(woww he s slowww) bhahahahaa

yeahhyeahhh last moment with my lovelyyy hair :')))

teheeee ahahhh

kakak punye tangan!! :DDDD

*woooovvvvv.... haha :))

and heyy, d outcome is, I LOVEEEE ITT
so yeahh, finally, one of d thing on d list-to-do-b4-theohsolameeschool-starts had donee
plus some shoppings afta spent time here at OU
bought some good stuffs tho <3

hahhh payment is on the go, grossing about RM 40 outta me

tadaaaa~~ d receipt is in muh hands~ but ya cudnt see em writings
so, wot da heck =,=

okayy then, guess dat s all giggle :33
uhh, b4 dis, mummy, daddy, systa, n me went to mamak for breakfast
and a group of college studs came by and wished us all at d restaurant smethng
"good morning" "have a nice day" "goodbye" :DDD
ahhahhh daddy said it had smethng to do wth Takaful somethng somethng

*boww thxs B)))))