Friday, November 26, 2010


howdyyy everyone~ :DD
im khalid arumi. some call me khalid, some arumi
and,, VOILAA~

*winkwink  i am 16. 20th Januaryy 1994~ an AQUA/CAPRI
heh :)))
first of all, i am unsure whether this blog wuld b updated time to time :PP
but yeahh, imma try muh best! ahah

hey blog~ congrates, from now on, uve been nicknamed giggle by me :DD

i guess people usually spill their emotions out in their blogs ayy??
well, i ve nothing to express here except; this marks new beginnings in muh life~
  1. i ll find myself and be proud of him
  2. NO ONE messes with muh arts no moree
  3. i ll be my own fighter, neva back down even things r fuxed up (well... ahah)
  4. n yeahh, stick to muhself for nytes n days ;)))
arryte then giggle~ *giggle :PP
write ya later!
with passion, aroo :))

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