Saturday, November 27, 2010


haha i live a funnyyyy life
1st, i dun plan. hate it. cuz i LOVEE surprises
2nd, im forgetful+naive+carefree. ahah. so things always seem wrong to me
3rd, well, i ny jenis suke speed :PP so, byk juge lah yg went wrong =,= do stuffs without "looking b4 u leap"
woww i rmember an i diom babehhh. malay lingo dy simpulan bhsa k ape tah. *lupe
BUT bottom line is, i love my life <3 n yeahh, most of d time, i get scolded by human kinds :33
especially my daddy n mummy ahah
owhh, i bought a key chain which tells ya stuffs about urself based on ur bornday,,
on mine it said, "A TRUE SURVIVOR" :DDDD bangga la jugee~ huuu like one of Destiny's Child's songs
-whoopp! juz wanna confess smethng, beyonce is a superwoman <33-
sejak uh, i hold on to it. whenever things r kinda shaky, i ll tell myself dat im one of d survivors
of coz, when i believe in smethng, there were consequences -hahahaha- (such as got lost in one nyte, walked 30 km straight to nowhere~ heh but jlan un dgn pnuh keyakinan p!)
huhu but in d end, HOMED babyyy ;)))
d thing is, i dun plan bcuz i dun wanna miss stuffs dat i wouldve never seen if i planned my route. so yeahhh
I  L O V E  M Y  L I F E

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