Saturday, November 27, 2010


ahah i neeeeed to go out
shopping, hair-stylingg, breathinggg!!
but yeahhh, i ve a lazy bumm
love to shake it thoughh ahahaahaaa
am i really an anti-social??
cuz i dun mind being one =,=
luckilyy, my chocciiessss supplies aint going down by far
cuz i always order more n moree n moorreeee wheneva muh parents go out
or my brotha :)))

DANNGG ITT! i juz measured my weight!!
not even one diff? =,=
where are all d gooodd stuffsssss i ate???
i mean, i know whre it all went out.. (BHAHAHA)
but i need my body to growwwww :'((

hey giggle~ how are ya BTW? :)))))

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