Friday, November 26, 2010

xtina, with lovee, my candyman, aint no other

her debut for her first upcoming film, Burlesque~
which i ll be watching in cinemas, buying both original VCD n DVD~~
heh and for d cinema watching, i ll try my best of d besttt to watch it with my Candyman <3
C s in johr by d way :)) but nothing could stop me from going there
with reasons of, i ve neva met C, longing for our first touch *winkwink, n yeaahhh, otha stuffs
C has taught me many things though by now :)))
especially at malay lingo (i hatee youuu bahasa melayuuu!!) *sighhhhh
but GOD sent me a guardian angel, packed with love (ecehhh)

BTW, with my old friends in selangor n elsewhere,
cant wait to meet em! :)))))
ahah wanna partyyy like dirrtyyyy stylee, xtina style *wooohooooo

my memoirs~ few scenes from my diary ;)) form 3 babehhh (2009)

heh - CELEBRATIONS~ guess which one is ME!!

 small family of mine <3

ahah najmie, azierul, shahril, chomel (hahaha)

nana sasana/sudowudo and khalid arumi/shortyy

he believes he can flyy~~~ (my blurryyy face)

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