Friday, November 26, 2010

friday prayer!

finally, a multiple azan-ed friday prayer!! ahah
but still, dis sexyyy bodyy refused to move a muscle tho
"KHAAALIID!!!!" n dat moment, i was singing "come on over" by my wife, xtina
as usual, im late for smethng (hahaha-prayer) clock's alrdy stroke 12++ tgh hari 
mummy n systa were banging my door harddd, making me wanna singg louderrrr
but yeahh, finally, off of computer n showered up :)))
danngg itt, mummy threw away my hair dryer! DDD:
but it s arryte, i ll do it by the "natural" way~ *shake it *shake it
*shake it sugar! *shake it like a polaroid picture!! *dancingsingingggg *oyyeahhh~oyyeahh~~
(yeahhh, i m easily distracted though =,=)
after i shook muh hair to d driest it could be, and with every gadget dat i need was in pockets,
off to a journey~ a journey through thick bushes n loud honking carssss~
n a lot of stareessssss.... seram jugee.. so i let my bang bangss down, covering half of my face :33
- f       r       i       d       a       y                   p       r       a       y       e       r-
DONE! stay a while to set a prayer~ n dash off to muh sandals
actually, i was looking for old friends. cuz usually, my ex-schl went to dis masjid for friday prayer
ouhh, did i forget to mention dis? it was a boarding school~ ;))
but yeahh, no luckk.. guess they r up to holidayss of their own now
with such disappointment, walked awayy to muh condo house
but b4, went to EEEEEEE(7E) n bought two chocies2, F&N strawberry n otha thingss
ouhh, b4 i got home, i stripped my baju melayu off to a casual shirt with a sense of sexiness
BHAHAHAHAHA!! so yeahh, got home, ate rice with some kinda fishhh n otha stuffs

hehe snapp!! dangg it, my face looks serious..

rested on d living room's sofa n doze off..
woke up, straight to you giggle~ n yeahh, here i am~ typing my day in
BTW, i am missing my candyman... heh got a mssge tho during my walk to home
but sadly, i ran out of credit :'(( tonite imma call my aficionado! ahah

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