Sunday, November 28, 2010

lounging around

juz wanna update about me, trapped in d houz for dayss now
haha well, it s all bcuz of my ass!
my lazyy sexyyy asss ahah
fuckin lazyy! makes me look badd tho
ahah *shakee itt *shaaakkkeee itttt
hehh how i activate em harddd~~
lately, i ve been sleepingg a LOTT
ahah dreamingg about my candymann~~ <33

tadaaa~ waking up n snappppppp!!

pffthh! ahah n dat one, is my muka bangon tido :PP
cant even look straight ATM
n yeahh, sudden desire to sneak a snappp
heeee with hair all a messsss
ahahhh juz when i snapped dat pic, i rmember i dash offff to my loveelyy kitchen~
looking for meat n good stuffssss :DDD
and while eating, heard my parents juz got home from shoppinggg wth muh sys
n yeahhh, "khalid??!! baru bangonn???!!!!"
haha n d clock strikes at 2 smethng, i forgot haha
n yeahhh, later on, took a shower~ huhu
spent hours in there tho~ while singing for d crowd~~ hehh
not more than shampoos and soaps n otha stuffs in there

haha looking fresh tho~

heh d outcome from d shower~~
with peace along for d world~
BTW, world peace everyonee!!
n same stuffs happen day by day
:DDDDD kinda fun tho
cuz it relaxes me dat muchhh


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